Doing sport for Erasmus students in France (2021)

List of sports in France. For each sport, profesordefrancesenmadrid gives you an example of prices for Paris and another for a provincial city.

Keywords allow you to better target your search.

At the university

The University Service of Physical and Sporting Activities (SUAPS) is a common service of the University. Its mission is the teaching, development, promotion and management of Physical Sports and Artistic Activities (APSA).

Each university centre has its “SUAPS”. Activities are usually free.


Search: SUAPS + your city or university center


The bike

The bike is the right solution to get around and almost all cities in France have a rental service.

For Paris
Le Vélib’ (vélo libre ou liberté), the bike accessible to everyone
Established in 2007, Vélib’ Métropole is one of the first shared bicycle services in the world.
An example with the V-PLUS package at €3.10/month:
For regular users (more than 4 trips per month)
Classic bike: 0-30 min: free and after 1 €/30min
Electric bike: 0-45 min: 2€ and after 2€/30min
Velib’ in numbers:
1400 stations in Paris and Île-de-France
20,000 bicycles, 35% of which are electrically assisted
→ Information

For Strasbourg
Vélhop, the shared bike service of the Strasbourg Eurométropole, offers you comfortable, maintained and secure bicycles. The long-term rental allows you to have access to a preferential rate in the automatic station, or a bicycle shop for personal use for a duration of several months to a year. With a subscription, you benefit from a bike and its equipment, as well as shop maintenance visits. You manage your bike freely and safely.
For 42 euros (student rate), you can rent a bike for 10 months
→ Information

Keywords: vélo/location + city


Gyms is the guide to fitness, fitness or strength training in France. Perfect to find your happiness.

Click on the image to access the site
An example of Neoness rates:
Click on the image to access the site


The pools

For Paris

Entrance to the unit: 3,50€ / 2€ (reduced price)
Card 10 entries: €28/ €16 (reduced price): this card is valid for one year from the date of issue
3 month subscription: €43/ €22 (reduced price)
The reduced rate applies to young people under 26 years old residing in Paris
→ Information

For Toulouse

Single admission: €3.40/ €1.50 (reduced rate)
Card 10 entries: 25,50€
Annual subscription: €64.50 (reduced price)
The reduced rate applies to young people under 25 years old residing in Toulouse
→ Information

Keywords: piscines municipales + city


For Paris

Reduced price: 9,70€ (covered ground) – 5,45€ (open ground)
3 hours subscription reduced price: 29.10€ (covered land) – 16.35€ (open land)
10-hour pass reduced price: €70.70 (covered land) – €37.37 (open land)
The reduced rate applies to young people under 26 years old residing in Paris
→ Information

For Rennes
In Rennes, access to the municipal outdoor tennis courts is free!
It is possible to make priority reservations by acquiring a personal badge worth €12.25.
→ Information

Keywords:  tennis municipaux ou privés  (more expensive) + city



With modern ski lifts and many connected ski areas, France is the largest ski area in the world. Open from the beginning of October until the beginning of May but also throughout the summer, the ski resorts in France offer quality services in permanent progression.

As a student, you will be spoilt for choice to find a ski trip at very affordable prices.

The station guide → Information
An example of rates → Information
UCPA (National Union of Outdoor Sports Centres) is an associative group created in 1965 to promote outdoor sports activities. → Information
Cheapest stations in France → Information

Keywords: séjour ski/ski étudiant



Spread by American surfers, the practice of surfing appeared in France at the end of the 1950s, on the Basque coast. The first club (Waikiki) was established in 1959. The first competitions were held in 1961.

France has many spots, from the English Channel to the Atlantic via the Mediterranean.

Surf spots in France → Information
Top 5 French universities Surf-Friendly → Information
UCPA surf → Information

Keywords: surf étudiant(e) en France/séjour surf France


The hike

Hiking is a great way to discover the country and get to know each other.

Roller Skating Tours in Paris
Paris remains without a doubt the city where skaters are the most present. For proof, the popular roller treks are swarming with them. We often find several in the capital.
→ Information

Hiking on foot in Lyon
→ Information

The GR: long-distance hiking routes
The GR are marked hiking trails allowing hikes of several days or weeks. There are currently more than 300 in France, they are managed by the French Hiking Federation and maintained by thousands of volunteers.
→ Information

And why not make the  Chemin de Compostelle  from France because 71 monuments and 7 sections of paths have been inscribed since 1998 on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the official title of “Chemins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle en France“.
→ Information

Keywords: randonnée + ville/région

For all other sports, especially collective:
Keywords:  fédération + sport + ville/région
→ Information

Good plan: to save on the purchase of equipment, think of the occasion.
→ The opportunities of sport
→ Link’n Sport
→ Sporteed

Keywords: occasion sport

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