Eating well for Erasmus students in France

! Currently you will need a sanitary pass to enter a restaurant/café/grocery store
All updated information is on this site:

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The best plan:

The university restaurants (Resto’U) run by Crous (your friend) are the ideal solution for small budgets. You will have the choice between Resto’U, Cafet’ or even foodtrucks!

For the Resto’U, the student menu is at €3.30. This menu gives you 6 points to compose among a wide choice: starters, dishes, cheeses and desserts.
Every day a vegetarian offer will be offered.

An example of the Cafet’ rates:

Where to find Resto’U:

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All information about Resto’U:

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The other good plans:

To enjoy restaurants at low prices, the Too Good To Go app allows users to order unsold dishes from restaurants for a very advantageous price.

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In big cities you can eat for free in some bars or restaurants. Couscous, a plate of French fries for a drink most often paid for. Because of the situation, it’s up to you to look for… couscous gratuit in Google!

Do the “marché“! Open-air markets are an institution in France. They offer fresh products and if you go to the very end, prices go down and quality will always be present.

Cook! Many sites offer you cool and economical recipes to practice gastronomy.
The best cheap recipe website:

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Don’t forget Youtube…

Finally, the major restaurant chains (fast food or not) often offer discounts for students (do not abuse them…).

Last tip, always have a student card or proof to be able to benefit from the many offers.

Bon appétit !

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